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Hire a Bookkeeper

Hire a Bookkeeper

on May 2, 2014 in Bookkeeping, Resources

Why exactly did you decide to go into business for yourself?


If you aren’t in the sort of field that requires you to do interviews periodically, chances are that you may not have given this question an abundance of thought in quite some time. While some start businesses to capitalize an opportunity, others may start their businesses to give back to their community, monetize a hobby, do something fun and constructive with a group of friends. Still for some, it’s as simple as a leap of faith to truly take advantage of what has become internationally known as the “American Dream.”


Whatever the reason, it is a safe bet that you didn’t start your own business because of your love of keeping meticulous financial records. You likely didn’t put all the effort into marketing, building infrastructure, and hiring passionate, talented people so that you could spend an inordinate amount of time learning tax code every year while sweating over every potential mistake or question you can’t find an answer for.


Luckily, Ably Bookkeeping Services is a business started to do exactly those things on behalf of its clients.


The Bookkeeper and You


The Bookkeeper’s job boils down to tracking and maintaining information. Sort of like a computer with a soul. The bookkeeper is responsible for recording all financial transactions by a company; keeping up with daybooks, ledgers, and any other pertinent financial information generated by a business or individual. The ultimate goal is to give businesses of any size the ability to know how much was spent, who has been paid, who may be looking to break thumbs soon, and find out the most fun data any business generates – how much money you brought in.


Information Vs. Wisdom: The Meaning Behind the Data


If knowledge is power, then the absence of knowledge is powerlessness. In business terms, this means that possessing accurate data is the difference between being a professional or an amateur. The difference between being a success and a failure however, lies in possessing the right information.


Wisdom is defined by some as being able to tell pertinent data from extraneous data. Merely having the data is not enough. The Bookkeeper compiles the data; however, The Bookkeeper also excels at reporting that data and making numbers easy to understand for those inside, around, over and under your business.


Doing proper business means being taken seriously by customers, vendors, employees and peers alike. Especially when it comes to money.  The Bookkeeper’s reporting allows an owner to understand the past, present, and both the most desired and most likely futures. With so much information available and easily understandable, one becomes much more likely to utilize wisdom in making decisions.


The Price of Success


At the end of the day, the reason you started your own venture pales in the face of the simple fact that you want your business to flourish. Perhaps you want to grow big enough to attract investors or simply make enough to cover your operating costs. Either way, a trait that the vast majority of entrepreneurs share is the desire to see their hard work pay off. We’ve already discussed how The Bookkeeper can help you see how well you’re doing, but the real gift of having a dedicated Bookkeeper on your team is less about numbers and more about peace of mind.


When you have someone that knows their stuff working for you on your financial record keeping and reporting, you can feel confident that you are ready for the pitfalls AND treasure chests life throws at you. You know what additions you can make with the money in your budget minutes after having the idea. You are secure when the taxman comes knocking because you already have a knowledgeable partner that can simply hand over necessary information. You close yourself off to scammers and con artist because you know exactly what your finances are doing and don’t make half cocked decisions. You have the knowledge about yourself that gives you access to the wisdom to know truth from fiction.


Most importantly, you gain all of these benefits while saving on the most important of resource of our fast paced, digital world. That resource is your time. You may not be able to recycle or reuse it, but you can reduce how much of it you spend on haphazardly keeping track of your finances while still having those financial records well kept


When you make the decision to hire a Bookkeeper, you are giving yourself the space to focus on running your business and coming ever closer to accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself when you started it.


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